Falling, mostly. By Laker Turner.

TLDR: back on the bird app as @lakerjvt and on the blue app as

bird app

I really didn't want to be back on Twitter.

As in I purposely deactivated the @LakerJV namespace so no-one could use it (including me...).

But sadly as most of my Hack Club compatriots (apart from a few people who setup a Mastodon server for the community) all stayed on Twitter, including HQ not making an official account anywhere on the fediverse. damn it.

blue app

Then there's Bluesky (... ATproto? bsky? what are we calling this thing)

I really didnt want to be on there but A: I have a chronic case of “oooo shiny thing” disorder and B: the not allowing you to see posts without logging in really ground my gears.

So when a friend of mine {thanks m8} offered an invite code up, i decided to take it to see what the craic was.

So far not actually that bad, they have Bilbo the Cat so that's a plus.

I do really like the “domain as vanity username” idea, however the UI of the webapp could use.. a lot of work.

outro that i cant segue into easily

So if you really want to see what I (don't) post over on those two sites: @lakerjvt

anyway, be kind, get yourself a sausage roll {or equivalent Good Thing} and have a nice day

this was all originally posted in a group chat so dont expect integrity or... this to make sense

and im not talking about it hallucinating or all the license infringements about Copilot, that should be left for someone who is more versed in legal talk than i am XD

anyway real blog post coming Soon

> i have nothing against people who use ChatGPT but i dont want to work that way
> i don't want to become dependant on something that is probably going to go away in 2 years

> also i started programming to make things with my bare hands and im sticking to that, through hell or high water

>> go away as in... wind up being weaponized and rendered illegal by world governments, or... hidden behind a very steep paywall?

> go away as in anything that could happen to it, maybe even [OpenAI] going bankrupt

so yeah i aint too keen on it, and im thinking about disallowing it for contributions to my projects right now

if you want to, please persuade me in either direction:

anyway real blog post coming Soon and have a nice day

So I finally setup my own WriteFreely instance :D

It's been a long time coming so I'm glad I finally got around to it.

This editor reminds me of when I used (as it should, WF runs on and writing Coming Out, Again.

It's nice.

More writing coming soon, including my first album review!

I got my first address (@laker) in september of 2021, a few weeks after I had joined the community (in its first iteration, a Discord server).

Since then, I've met so many cool people, found so many cool projects and started volunteering as Community Manager!, the Mastodon instance has made me (mostly) realise that social media isn't all bad.

Of course that is only because of the wonderful community. Thanks, y'all :D

A whole lot has changed since this time last year.

I made many decisions, bad and good.

I came out as a transgender woman and started liking how I looked for the first time in… a very long while.

After several months of never-ending headaches, I found out I had eye strain and got glasses. (please take care of your sight, eye strain sucks)

I said goodbye to people and re-connected to others.

So, what happens next?

I’m keeping my 3 resolutions from the past few years:

But this year I’m adding a new one:

  • Stick to it.

I am a chronic project hopper. I start the Git repo with all the energy in the world but after the first-second hour, I give up on it.

So, I’m nipping it in the bud (hopefully). I’ve got a bunch of things that I want to smash through so I’m going to hit the ground running.

Hopefully I’ll complete them all (again) this year.

Either way, I hope you all have a wonderful year!

See you when the sun rises, Laker

Made in honour of [deadname] Turner. May he rest in peace, 2005 – 2019.

The Past

Almost 3 years ago, on the 26th of august 2019, at 1:29 am, I came out as nonbinary. I had already come out as bi a year earlier so luckily i didnt also have that to deal with. But the term “non-binary” never truly fit me. It felt like a patchwork over a hole that needed to be filled. It wasn’t a true representation of me.

The Present

Since then, I’ve met a bunch of cool people that have helped me with my identity.< From exes to my best friend, All the very cool trans people i know to the souls of the people who arent here anymore. And now im very happy to announce that i believe that i have finally found my identity. It may have taken years of confusion but i should hopefully be able to rest now. So here goes, eh?

Hey, I’m Laker, I use she/her pronouns and I’m a trans girl. This is who i am, this is who i always was and this is who i want to be. I feel so much happier when i am percieved as a girl.

The Laker (or indeed, [deadname]) you once knew is still here. I’m still me, except im standing prouder than I ever have and happier than I have been in years. I know that in the opening sentence of this post i described myself before i came out the first time as dead, but that simply isnt true. My soul, although withered by many years of many mental issues and disorders, is still the same one that was found in that child.

The Future

So now that we know the past and present, what about the… no, my future? I’ve already started to transition socially to a few friends, both in real life and online. My gender expression was already going more and more feminine by the day and im glad to finally make that official :) I know that i want to transition medically but i havent thought of the logistics of that yet so i’m not going to talk about it publically.

ending notes

… breathes out wow damn i needed to get that off my chest, huh. well, here’s to 2022. more writing stuff coming #soon :P