my (abridged) opinion on chatGPT and the like

this was all originally posted in a group chat so dont expect integrity or... this to make sense

and im not talking about it hallucinating or all the license infringements about Copilot, that should be left for someone who is more versed in legal talk than i am XD

anyway real blog post coming Soon

> i have nothing against people who use ChatGPT but i dont want to work that way
> i don't want to become dependant on something that is probably going to go away in 2 years

> also i started programming to make things with my bare hands and im sticking to that, through hell or high water

>> go away as in... wind up being weaponized and rendered illegal by world governments, or... hidden behind a very steep paywall?

> go away as in anything that could happen to it, maybe even [OpenAI] going bankrupt

so yeah i aint too keen on it, and im thinking about disallowing it for contributions to my projects right now

if you want to, please persuade me in either direction:

anyway real blog post coming Soon and have a nice day